Arts Care Red Flag

The Arts Care Red Flag project


Working with Oakgrove school using photography, art intervention and projection to articulate young peoples experience in a visual setting.



The Red Flag Project designed in consultation with vulnerable young people and the support of expert agencies, a three phased project that builds legacy and sustainability through creative skill-building for some of our most vulnerable and at risk young people.Year 3 of the project will culminate with the production of a large scale promotional and awareness raising campaign against domestic violence in young emotional relationships through the young participants’ performance, film-making, music, dance, digital art and creative writing art works.




 Arts Care artists worked with young people’s groups across three Trust areas, (Western, South Eastern and Northern). Groups in year one concentrated on the most vulnerable young people. We worked with five children’s homes, CAMHS’, Belfast and three Women’s Aid young people’s support groups along side schools and youth groups. This culminated in a fantastic art exhibition at Arts Care House, March 2018 celebrating the young people’s creativity.