Bronagh Corr is an artist from Co Tyrone

She is currently residing in Derry within a male dominated household


History of Artistic Practices


Public Art 


2020 Photographic Installation, North Wing Altnagelvin


2019 Photographic Installation, North Wing Altnagelvin


2017 Photographic Installation, North West Cancer Hospital


2017 Public Art, Enniskillen SWAH, Oil, porcelain, (Organ Donation Ward Commissions) 


2017 Public Art, Altnagelvin Hospital, Oil, porcelain (Organ Donation Ward Commissions)


2015 Organ Donation Memorial , Enniskillen SWAH, photography, porcelain


2015 Organ Donation Memorial, Altnagelvin Hospital, Oil painting, Sculptural acrylic


2014 Digital History Wall for Grangewood. Mental Health Hospital, Derry


2013 AMH Sofa made out of books for Action Mental Health, Culture for All Project





Recent and Past Exhibitions as an artist include; (Not Including Facilitated and artist led works)




2019 – Eden Arts Collaborative Exhibition Black and White Film Portraiture


2018 CAAKE* - Exhibition -Toxic, Rejecting proposal for mining in the Sperrin Mountains, Greencastle Community Centre, Co.Tyrone. 


2017 'Rememberance' Cyanotype, Arts Care Gallery, Altnagelvin, Print worksop collaborative


2017 'Reading In Passage, Mountain Reflections' Caake Collaborative – Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre, Limavady


2016 ‘Hope’ No Jury No Prize exhibition, Arts Link, Dunree, porcelain, oil, ink


2016 'Readings In Passage, Caake Collaborative – R Space Gallery Lisburn


2015 ‘Leaving’ The Playhouse Theatre, Derry, Anti Bullying Collaborative Exhibition, illustration 


2015 ‘Leaving’ The Exchange, Inishowen Anti Bullying Collaborative Exhibition, illustration


2015 ‘In Progress’ No Jury No Prize exhibition, Arts Link, Dunree, unfired porcelain, Stone, wood


2015 ‘’Stallion” Social Enterprise Gallery, Print worksop collaborative


2015 Horse, Collaborative, The Void, curated by Mark Wallinger & Maoliosa Boyle


2015 'Hollywood: The Remake' series, Altnagelvin Gallery


2015 Caake Collaborative, the Spectrum Centre, Shankill Road, Belfast


2014 'Hollywood: The Remake' series, Bedlam, Pump Street.


2014 Grey Matters, No Jury No Prize exhibition, Arts Link, Dunree


2014 Objective, Collaborative, Duncairn, Arts Centre 


2013 'Rekindle' in the No Jury No Prize, London Street Gallery, Derry. Altered book


2013 'Reflective' Altnagelvin Hospital 


2013 Hollywood: The Remake', Emerge and See exhibition. London St Gallery


2013 'Hollywood: The Remake' The Oriel Gallery at Clotworthy.


2012 'Pathways' in 'A Birds Eye View', Eden Arts Centre: Digital imaging


2012 'Air' Exhibition, The Naughton Gallery at Queens, Digital imaging


2011. Hollywood: The Remake', The Void Art Gallery, Derry.


2011 'Life Walk' Site Specific solo Photographic Exhibition, Altnagelvin Hospital, PhotoRag 


2011 'Hollywood: The Remake' Photographic Collaboration with Aria Fikrayah, Void Art

2010 'Saints and Scholars' Collage, Saatchi Online, Mixed Media Collage

2007- 2010- 'Emotional Landscape' Paintings, Resolution Art Gallery. Oil on Canvas

2007- 2010- Photographic Works, Resolution Art Gallery, Giclée canvas and prints

1999 'La Femme et Dali' Art Film Installation, Final Year Show, Coleraine and York St

1996 Collage Exhibition, Liberty Blue, Belfast, Mixed Media Collage

1992 Fine Art Painting Exhibition Old Library, Dungannon, Oils and Charcoal

1991 Graphic Design Exhibition Temple Bar, Painting, Mixed Media Collage

1989 'Apocalyptic' Installation, Wire and Plaster, Chester Art College Final Year Show



RTE award

1999 'La Femme et Dali' Art Film Installation, Final Year Show, Coleraine and York St



Blue Lady- Abridged